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Christmas Coming Soon !!~
Saturday, December 09, 2006
Time : 10:52 PM

Christmas is just another 2 weeks+ away, I felt like change my desktop for the season... after whole day of searching around for icons, wallpapers, skins and theme. The result is ...

Details of the theme can be found here.

Next, is changing my blog theme, I saw a cool snow effect at some website the other day, might wanna put in my blog ^^. I'll start on my blog tommorow.


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Merry Christmas :)


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Atlas Moth
Saturday, December 02, 2006
Time : 9:59 PM

This afternoon, as I came home from 1Utama with my friends visiting from Melaka, and found this giant moth, I went to Wikipedia and found out it's an Atlas Moth, one of the largest moth in the world. How often you get one of the biggest of their kind in your porch.

Here are the pictures,

The wing span from left to right is about 8inch about 20cm.

Look at those large feathery antennae.

Here is the size compared with my E398.

I would very much like to keep it, but its too cruel. It is still there at the time I wrote this post. Wonder if it will fly away or just die there. If it does die there, I'll have him framed up...

Waiting for it to kick the bucket =P

P.S. It's a male btw.


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Comments for Atlas Moth
Wah.. i would wanna have one on my backyard too... the moth still there? Tell me when it flew off or when is it gonna fly off..

Gadgets I Want For My Birthday and Christmas
Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Time : 7:06 PM

So, here you are. My very own wish list for this coming Christmas and my Birthday, I'll be really happy if I get any one of these gadgets for present. I know it's almost impossible to get any of these stuff for a present, but I will still keep on hoping. Anyway, here are the list...

First off,

1. IPod Nano 4Gb
I have set my eyes on this since it was launch. Simply best portable music player around. A must have for people who likes to listen to music all day long, and hate repeating music.

2. O2 Atom XDA Exec
I decided that the next mobile phone I buy will be a smartphone. Of all the option out there, this is the best choice, not only it look pretty its also has the fastest processor in it.

3. Sony PlayStation Portable

This is for my gaming needs, when I'm not at home. I can also watch movie with the PSP or go surf Wi-Fi.

4. Canon EOS 5D

I know this is no the best DSLR camera out there but since I'm not a serious photographer and just wanted quality photo, so I choose a mid-range one.

5. Sony HDR-HC3

This is for recording all those memorable moments. Not really a necessity but I still want it.

These are just the gadget that I can carry around with me. There are still those like a home theater system, a desktop and other that I can't think of at the moment. If only I strike the first prize for 4D or TOTO.*sigh*

Reality is really harsh.


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New Jersey
Sunday, November 26, 2006
Time : 7:55 PM

It's been awhile since I last updated, nothing much happened this month. Normal days passed by very quickly, in just an instant, it already nearly one month since my second trimester started, since this is a short trimester meaning only seven weeks, my mid-term exam are just around the corner *sigh* then after that all the assignments are due, and right after I hand up my assignments the finals are approaching already. Worse is this year the finals are right after New Year day, I don't think I'll be in the mood to celebrate much but I'll still go to Ikano Center if they hold another New Year Gig there just like last year. The music is good, people are sporting and the firework are just awesome. It was all worth it, getting stuck in the jam on the way there and back.

Well, enough of that, the main reason I update today is I went to KL today and bought myself a Manchester United jersey, although it's a replica but I'm quite happy with it. Now before anyone started saying "Support the original la" let me say something, its not that I don't want to support the originals but I don't wanted to waste my parents money on buying thing for myself, I just can't live with the guilt every time I see the jersey that cost RM200++ and the money came from my parents. After I get a job, I will with my own money get an original jersey.

Enough with word, lets see some pictures....

Thats all for now, till next time.


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Summary of a 3 weeks journey.
Saturday, November 04, 2006
Time : 12:19 AM

So, it finally came, the last three days of my three weeks holiday. I'll embark on the journey back to KL tomorrow, well it is actually today since it has already pass midnight. Anyway, this three weeks has it's ups and downs. First the downs, as I've mention in my first post most of my high school friends are already out-station studying or working, so its quite boring for me.

Then there is the Chinese Nine Emperor birthday, which means all the Chinese are suppose to be vegetarian for nine days, just when I come back Penang to enjoy the foods! Luckily, there are a few days left for me to go out and buy foods from hawker stalls. Oh, if you are wondering why I said "a few days" when the Nine Emperor birthday is only nine days out of 21 days of my holiday, well my parents are partly vegetarian(partly means they can eat eggs and diary products but not meats) and my mother insisted that i eat at home as much as possible.

Enough of the downs, now lets look at some of the things that kept me busy and happy this three weeks, firstly of course is this blog and all the xetties spammers, can't imagine what will i be doing if haven't join the xettie, gotta thank Xavier for that because I found xettie through his blog. Then there are some of my friends who is still studying in Penang, I have a great time hanging out with you guys! Thanks for making some time and hang out with me. You know who you are. Lastly, the greatest thing is I have spend some quality time with my family, I really missed home a lot.

So there you go, some sort of summary about my three weeks holiday. Thinking back, I am quite lucky I didn't insisted on studying overseas.

Till next time,


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Comments for Summary of a 3 weeks journey.
Hey.. I wanna see PICTURES!! Not just WORDS!! *hehe* Got happy times must share with us with PROVE wan.. heheheheh...

>.< pictures of wat? me eating vegetarian food? me hanging out with frens? if u wan see pic of me spamming in xettie i can get one anytim..lol

Freedom vs Strike Freedom
Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Time : 5:58 PM

So, here you are, I'm so bored I surfed around and found this tutorial on making light-saber using photoshop. I just have to try it out, quickly took out my gundam, snap a picture and off with the effects...the photo effects took me less than 30mins, so it's pretty cheap just want to find something to do.

Proper post coming later, perhaps.


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Comments for Freedom vs Strike Freedom
For testing purposes

wow.. nice gundams.. wish to buy one for my christmas present.. muahahahhaha

yay my peek-a-boo is working..

Boring Holiday Pioneer Post
Friday, October 20, 2006
Time : 4:32 PM

YAY!~ my blog is finally up after about 1 year and 6 month sitting there. Ever since I created the blog, I just can't find the effort to sit down, search for templates, edit the coding and publish it. Since it is holiday and i just got too much time on my hand I felt like getting this done once and for all. So here you go, my very own blog, hehehe.

So, here I'm on one fine hazy Friday afternoon during my three weeks holiday. I'm so bored because all my friend are either still studying, busy working or already went to other country to futher their studies *sigh* just when I was looking forward to meet everyone.

On to other things, one thing i realize about driving in Penang compared to KL is in KL everyone drive above 60 km/h, you can hardly see and car below 60km/h unless the driver is talking on the handphone or its a lorry with heavy load, but in Penang there are elders and by elders I meant those ages 60+ driving at 30km/h on the fast lane(oh wait... there is no fast lane and slow lane in Penang) and they refuse to move away no matter how long the traffic is behind them *curses* .

One more thing is, you can never perdict traffic jam in penang like in KL, in KL traffic jam mostly occurs only early in the morning and in the evening. In penang traffic jam occurs from 8am - 8pm, it can be cause by minor stuff like cars on the right lane wants to turn right at a junction and blocks all the cars a the right lane. Then the right lane car wants to switch over to the left lane but nobody is giving them the chance. I tell you driving in Penang is really hectic, the motorbikes, the lorries/buses, the slow-lane-hoggers. That is why I'm really looking forward to the Penang monorail.

I guess that's all for now....


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